Fun with Aerosol Cans
by Author Dent

Have you ever read the side of those aerosol spray cans? I have. The words "Highly Flammable" and "Contents Under Pressure" plainly appear. Now, I'm not gonna go into the stupid details about how to hold a match in front of it. But, rather, how to make it into a nasty little explosive.

Method #1 (effective, but not recommended)

Place the aerosol can in a wooded area and shoot it with a shotgun. This is a pretty generic thing to do. But if you want spend an afternoon pissing off maples and forrest rangers, then this is for you. For those a bit above that, look into...

Method #2

Add heat. Although this may sound a little complicated, don't worry, I'll talk you through it. One way you can accomplish this is to hold your Bic underneath it for awhile. Now watch closely. When the temp. reaches between 120 and 140 degress F, you will die. This is also not recommended unless your name is Tim Burton then we will even supply the materials for you. A method for the less self-destructive of us, is to use thermite or other such burning materials to give you enough time to get your ass away.

Method #3
Would make a nice addition to any pipe bomb. Since all of the reactions taking place in the pipe are of an exothermic nature, and the explosion may add its hand in, you can cause some lovely devastation with it.

Method #4

Last, but not least, for the a-hole who just bought a new Porsche, but won't let you drive, sit in, look at, smell, or dream about it. This could be the thing for you: Firmly affix your handy aerosol can to the exhaust manifold. This may you won't even be around when his car gets the finger.

For those of you wondering just how many blocks to stand away,
Ohio is recommended (unless, of course, you live there). Four
ounces of deodorant is the equivalent of one stick of dynamite.
Eight ounces is about two sticks, and twelve, well figure it
out. (There is an equation to all this, we just haven't figured
it out yet.)

Author Dent
Taken from Fun with Aeresol Cans - underground archives