Napalm (Another way to make it...)

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    Napalm (Another way to make it...)

    THE Mad Phone-man's Recipe for Napalm [Blue=Me, Red=warning]

    Note: Only sharing it. I am not responsible if you get hurt or killed making this. Learning purposes only.

    Do Not use this on people or any other living thing.

    Needed materials:

    Styrofoam- Pellets,packing material, drinking cups,peanuts, as long
    it dissolves under a drop of gasoline.
    Glass bottles- Realemmon Juice type, Absolute Vodka, or other thin
    glass wall bottles.
    Rags- Cotton, cut into 2" by 12" strips
    Funnel- To fit bottles.
    Bucket- Type that will not disolve in gasoline.

    Pour enough gasoline into the bucket to fill all bottles. Start adding
    the styrofoam to the gasoline, stirring until it dissolves into a
    liquid approximately the consistancy of honey or syrup. Caution, do not
    over dissolve styro as it has a tendency to expand and become
    too thick. (A little experimentation here works out well)

    Pour the mixture into the dry bottles, (water in them will be dangerous
    to user) leave enough room at the top to plug the hole tightly with
    a strip of rag folded in half. Do not saturate rag at this time with
    gas or napalm. The rag should extend into the void at the top of the
    bottle about 2".

    Transport to site of usage carefully, and upright. DONT SMOKE! Turn
    bottle upside down briefly to saturate wick, or wick can be doused with
    lighter fluid or charcoal lighter. (I don't use pure gasoline here
    cause of premature ignition of device). Light wick, and deploy
    immediately, smashing against the object to be napalmed. Aim high, the
    mixture runs down.

    Too much air space in top of bottle risks explosion of fumes trapped
    there. Any water in mixture causes either the flame to sputter and
    and extinguish, or splatter user with flaming fuel. I've made this stuff and wow it owned a basketball lol.
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