Note: This guide cleans your tounge and makes it looking pink again not, black,yellow,red,white,grey,orange okay!
It does work and you can use everyday things! And this is not a joke...

Ok look at your Tounge in the mirror is it looking nasty like white or greyish?

well thats because you havent cleaned it in along time... your thinking its to late now.... No what you do is this.

1. Get a toothbrush and salt
2. put some salt inside your toothbrush or on your tounge
3. Scrub your tounge with the salt + toothbrush
4. Your tounge goes pink again!!!
5. you may gag or something but look at your tounge!!

This worked for me because my tounge looked nasty and i never clean it so i googled it and it seemed salt scrubbing on your tounge always works!!

So try this and tell me if it works, yes you may gag because i was like dieing my eyes were watering and gagging.. but it worked!

This was quite funny... tough it works xD but still funny :o