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    Exclamation diaster ready weapon kit, home made!


    as always cite d3scene.com or 35yeros as your source if you must repost.

    also.....this guide is brought to you by photobucket, (i finally got my dam camera working, so no more shitty pics drawn in MS paint) to see all my project pics and others go to 35yeros - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    (first paragraph taken from my myspace blog..check it out!)
    the first installment of the "disaster ready weapon kit"
    which is going to feature weapons made out of house hold items that you could make in the event that you need to protect yourself form a disaster, (i.e. zombies surrounding your house trying to eat your brains) a few of the weapons will be, rpp (rocket propelled projectile(s) ) sniper-nail-gun, and the ever famous, 800fps spud gun (now enriched with tnt for an ever bigger whoosh)

    this guide is the rpp, (a.k.a. RPG)
    whats and rpg? a rpg is a rocket propelled grenade, its basically a mini rocket that propels explosive ordinance toward a target. you would want one of these if you instance a bunch of zombies surrounded your house and that sniper nail gun just ant gonna cut it.

    parts you'll need:

    • pvc, plastic tubing, any size is fine, sorta, you want it to be bigger than you need, but not to big, a good size is 1 1/2 inch it need to be able to fit the below but not tightly, there needs to be breathing room. (this pic is way zoomed in)
    • rockets, (duh) i used single stage, 7.2.3 (burns for .7th of a sec) and is single stage, this is small compared to what i used before, but i cant find the 3 sec tri stage ones anymore.

    • you will also need the launch primers (little plastic caps that hold the electric wires in place)
    • the wires, i have used pretty much any and every wire for these and it always works, remember these do need electricity, but not that much, (ive used .2v camera battery's before)
    • fireing mecanisum, you can either be a commy / terriost and just connect the wires and hope to god it doesnt overload, or you can be american and use the stick, which as ill show you makes a pretty dandy grip
    • cardstock or thick paper
    • electical tape
    • zombies....target practice, but if you really want a challenge, hit a moving car :azn: its hella hard
    • a cheap socpe, if you really plan on using this to hit stuff,

    first make the paper into a cone and wrap it around the front of the rocket engine, this is not required, but if you dont your rocket will fly like a drunk f-18 pilot.
    then wrap paper around the engine body so that the engine fits but can still slide really easily, this wont slow it down, but will make it spin...giving it more accuracy.
    next, cut your pvc tube based on...

    • beginner, make it as long as you can with out the pvc bending, this will make sure the rocket exhaust and sparks stay away form you, and it will also give it maximum rotations per second, (rps) this greatly increses accuracy.
    • you think you know what your doing..., make the pipe around 3 arm lengths, this gives it a good deal of accuracy, but keeps it light and easier to move
    • expert, make it 2 arm lengths, NOTHING SHORTER! any shorter and your get some nice burns. havening a tube this short gives it little accuracy, but the ability to shot off many rockets really quickly, it also is very light.

    now that you have you tube, put it on your shoulder, with 1/4 or more of the tube behind you and atleast 1/2 in front of you,

    now.....skip this step if you dont have the launcher (if your just going to hard wire, skip ahead)
    take the launcher, turn it side ways, find out which way make the fire button the most accesible and then duct tape or hot glue the launcher to the tube. this gives you a niffty handle, and a relible trigger.

    hardwiring, (dont do this if you have a handle/launcher)
    simply run two wires from the real of the tube to the handle, when your ready attack the wires to the engine, get a battery (old ones are fine) and just touch the two ends on the handle to the neg pos ends of the battery, ghetto but it does work, DON'T USE A CAR battery OR A BATTERY BIGGER THAN 9V YOU WILL OVER LOAD THE ENGINE, AND THEN BAD STUFF HAPPENS, TRUST ME.

    and thats it....you just made a rpp


    • put small amounts of sand in the nose cone of the rocket, this will cause the shotgun affect when fired
    • use bigger rockets, bigger is better...:biggrin:
    • attach a scope for accuracy, it may take a while to get the scope adjusted right though
    • bored the paper that wrapped around the rocket, this makes the engine spin faster, giveing it more accuracy, but don't bore it to much or the rocket will curve slightly.
    • use copper wires for maximum launch speed, you'll notice that there is a delay, copper speeds up the delay alot, but copper is expensive.

    need help? pm me....

    next guide in the "disaster ready weapon kit", musketeering (o noz new word) were i show you how to stop people with a silent psshhh and then a thundering THUD!!!!!

    also...with this guide i offer a pic of me in the creative process of making things that go boom......(lawlz no Mohawk )

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    lol i'll never make it, i'll never use it and i'll never need it
    But cool guide O.o
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    Nice guide, keep up the great contributions to the RL hacks section!

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