Put a usb port in your usb optical mouse

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    Put a usb port in your usb optical mouse

    First off, i didnt know where to post this, because I can't see a technology hack section. Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.

    - USB Mouse
    - 2 Port usb hub, (NOT EXTERNALLY POWERED)
    - Soldering iron
    - Some solder
    - Wire cutter/Stripper
    - Flat head screwdriver (-)
    - Philips head screwdriver (+)
    - Permanent Markers, a few different colors is helpful
    - 1 USB female connector
    - 4 Wires, aprox 3 inches long, cat5 cable
    works good
    - Razor Knife (Utility Knife)
    - Electrical tape

    Step 1
    Open the 2 Port USB hub, usually these are just glued together and easily popped open with a flat head screwdriver

    Step 2
    When looking at a FEMALE USB CONNECTOR head on and up right, the pin on the right most side is ground

    | |
    | ====== | Right
    | R W G B |

    Wires, red white green and black will be soldered in this order later

    VERY CAREFULLY Desolder the USB connectors from the board
    Be sure to mark what wires went where as you will need to this when connecting everything

    When you're done the board should be small enough to fit inside the mouse case and close the mouse.
    Test this out now and make sure you don't cover the screw hole with the USB board.

    DOES it fit?
    Good, on to step 4
    If not then on to step 3

    Step 3
    Trim the USB board if and ONLY IF it did not fit inside the mouse shell.
    Trimming the board is dangerous and can result in the board's death.
    Be Careful and if you cut any traces use some wire and repair them.

    Step 4
    Open the mouse case, usually there is a screw holding the top and bottom together along with some tabs that lock in place.
    If you cant find the screw look under stickers or labels, it is there somewhere.

    Step 5
    Now that the mouse is open follow the USB cable to where it connects to the main board of the mouse.
    Cut the wire about 4 inches from where it is connected to the board.

    Step 6
    Cut back the shielding and strip the 4 wires back about 1/8 inch
    Do this to both wires

    Step 7
    solder the wires from the USB cable to the spot on the USB hub where the hub plugged into the computer.
    Hopefully you marked which wires went where like I stated above

    Step 8
    Solder the wires leading from the mouse board to one of the two empty ports on the USB hub

    At this point its a good idea to test the mouse out
    Plug it in and it should detect a USB hub then the mouse and everything should work fine
    If something doesn’t work check all your connections

    Step 9
    solder your 4 wires I told you to get in the requirements list to the female USB connector
    Make sure you dont create any solder bridges

    | |
    | ====== | Right
    | R W G B |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | | |

    Step 10
    Solder the other ends of the wires to the corresponding locations on the USB hub board
    When finished wrap the hub board with electrical tape to insulate it from the mouse board

    It should look like this when you're done

    Step 11
    Using a razor knife VERY CAREFULLY cut a hole in the mouse's shell for the USB port
    I am right handed so I put the hole right in the middle of the gap between my thumb and index finger.
    The location should also be chosen based on how it will affect the space constraints inside the mouse.

    Step 12
    Hot glue the USB female connector in place on the mouse shell.
    I recommend plugging the end of the cord into the connector so help hold it in place.

    Step 13
    Reassemble the mouse and plug it in

    The hub should detect first, then the mouse
    Now plug in your flash drive
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