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how to build a potato cannon for only $5

This is a discussion on how to build a potato cannon for only $5 within the Real Life Hacks board part of the Entertainment category; this guide has LARGE PICTURES, if your on a slow connection they may take a while to load, sry :undecided: ...

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    how to build a potato cannon for only $5

    this guide has LARGE PICTURES, if your on a slow connection they may take a while to load, sry :undecided:

    so first, i would like to say that this is one of the most durable, and probably one of the cheaper cannons out there, it is far from being a super cannon. this has the potential to fire a projectile at speeds close, if not over 450fps. this cannon also has the capibility to fire projectiles other then potatos. it can fire, lemons, oranges, bannans, pinapple, peanuts (shotgun effect), and many more. the main fuel source for this cannon is a combination of gasoline, lighter fluid, sulfur dioxide (match stick ends) and really small amounts of gun powder (you can substute). see table of combustables for ideas/combinations. this real life hack (rlh) should only take 45 min to build and fire. however i would reccommend letting some things sit for a while to bond.

    o and dont go around shooting this at people, cars or houses, that a good way to get pwned by the police :police: but trash cans are fun.:cheesy:

    ok, so here we go. first your going to need....
    • pvc, (this is oober important, dont just pick a random piece)now you dont want it to long, becasue it will be to heavy, but if its to short, your projectiles wont be as accurate. also, diameter is important, smaller diameter, smaller projectiles, which means they will go farther, but there wont be as epic bang when it hits something. but not to big, becasue the bigger the projectile, the bigger the blast butt and blast chamber, which means you have to put more fuel into the chamber, which means more costly firing, which means you cant fire as many cause you will run out of money, and if you run out of money, which means.... nevermind, you get the point. i used 4cm diameter pvc, and i cut mine to a short length of 70cm.
    • tin/alumium, i used a normal sized can. all you need is the bottom to seal one end of pvc
    • file, or grinder, to file down the tip of the pvc end that your not sealing, makes it easyer to spear your projectile and load it.
    • drill
    • tin snips, for cutting out the bottom of the can
    • pvc cutters, or just a saw
    • ammo (potatos, peanuts, lemons, what ever)
    • combustables
    • ABS pvc cement, or some other form of super sealint
    • lighter, or sparker.
    1. file, or gind down the edge of the pvc, giving it a slightly sharp point all the way around. this will make loading easier becasue all you have to do it put a potato on the ground, ram the end of the pvc into it, and vola, your loaded.
    2. cut the end of the tin can out, use tin snips.
    3. cut a hole in the tin, (as seen above)
    4. bind the pvc to the tin bottom using ABS cement, APPLY CEMENT OUTDOORS, DO NOT BREATHE IN THE FUMES, ITS FATAL.

    5. let the cement dry for an hour or two, perferibly over night
    6. now, you can glue the lighter over the small hole, or use abs cement, or you can just hold it there and set it off with a match, but remeber, the tighter the seal the better. it doesnt really matter, but if you cement it, it has a better seal and will retain more of the explosion.
    7. *note, you can use sparkers from bbq grills, or backpacking stoves, but these are costly and i dont have enought money to buy those.
    8. and thats it.
    how to load.....
    1. put hair spray, gas or whatever your using (refer to combustable table) into the tube.
    2. spear the potato, careful not to spill any of the combustable out of the bottom or top.
    3. use a stick or small piece of pvc to push the potato down into the cannon.
    4. find a target
    5. light it up.

    there are three main starters, these are substances that range from low med to high explosive rates. there are many other sub combustables that can help with longer ignition, quicker ignition, higher desisty, and secondary explosion.

    these are rated with (high) (med) and (low) for balsting strenght, these ratings are rough, like some kinds of hair spray is better then others, same with cooking spray.

    these are also rated with (L) (m) (s) for blast deration, meaning how long they burn.
    (L) = long
    (m)= med
    (s)= short

    mains combustablessecondaryssecondarys cont*fun oneshigh spray (high)(s)
    lighter fluid (med) (L)nitro glysern(high) (m)phospherssmashed up TNT rocks (really high)(s)gasoline (med)(L)toliet bowl cleaner (low) (s)ABS cement (un-hard)(high) (s)spray foam insolatorpure oxygen (really flippin high) (s)wd-40 (oil lubercant) (high) (M)cooking spray (low)(s)lithium ion *not from batterys* (high) (L)peanuts. (shottie)hydralic fluid(really high)(L)

    ok, so here are some tips to make your launching experiance cooler.
    • soak a potato in phospheres or glow in the dark die for 24 hours in a dark room. load potoato the normal way and fire it at night, into the air, it will glow a bright green.
    soak a lemon in gasloine and fire it, at night, it will burn like crazy. and look like this if you recover it.

    • make smoke gernades and fire them out of this.
    • grove the edgeds of the potato into a sprial shape, this makes a more accute and higher velocity projectile.
    • duct tape a model rocket engine to a potato and set it off, WARNING may cause pipe to explode.
    typed via google docs, thanks google. :cool:
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    voted good guide

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    pictures are always good
    By eZ]aCx of

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    making this as soon as i go to the hardware store

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