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    Cool Change Your Caller Id

    Have you guys ever had the urge to just prank call someone and make it appear on their caller ID as the number that you wish it to be? I found this awesome website that allows you to do just that!! This application (spoofapp) also allows you to change your voice to -Man-Normal-Woman. SpoofApp - iPhone Caller ID Spoofing Ok there are 2 ways to do this.
    Since I cant post links yet, look up spoofapp on google and check out the main website.

    First way - You can download the application that they give on the website to your cellphone (it must be Blackberry, Ipod/Iphone, or G1), once you download the application the installation guide and everything is self explanatory. You open the application, insert the number you want to call, then the number that you want the caller to see, do any voice modifications and then place the call.

    Second Way - You can order a card that they give that allows you to do it from any phone. Only difference is instead of having an application you have a card.

    *If you are using an Iphone/Ipod, then for this application to work you have to Jailbreak it. And this application can be found for the G1/Blackberry on Blackberry App World. (An app that can be downloaded that is full of other apps). If you like it please give

    ~*Word of Caution, this application is illegal in some states, and there is soon to be a law banning this type of application. So use it while you can! *~

    Here is a Quick Youtube video explaining the application Spoofapp on an Iphone.
    YouTube - SpoofApp - 2009s Most Controversial App Thats the name of the video that shows you exactly what im saying on youtube

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