Okay have you guys ever seen those Redbox movie rentals at walmart, walgreens, or mcdonalds? (There are quite a few around the place as well in other stores) Well there are ways to get free Dvd rentals off of them! How you ask? With the use of promocodes! I first learned about this while browsing the android market and found an application called "Redbox Codes". At first I thought this was BS so i went out to try it, and got 2 free movie rentals, 1 off of walgreen and 1 off of Walmart. This application is also available in the Ipod touch store (sorry don't know the name). All you have to do is search for it with the same parameters as mentioned above. For those of you who don't have either this is the link to the website that has these codes (send me PM or google "Redbox Codes" for link, since I can't post links yet ). The application version of this has more codes and better interface but that website is good too. Here are some codes that worked for me:

Code: "BREAKROOM" These 2 should work at any redbox.
Code: "DVDATWAG" (Walgreens Only)
Code: "D7HTKQG" This 1 worked at only 1 of the redbox's that i tried it out on.

Some rules to keep in mind for maximum free movies:
1. You can only use each code once with each visa. (You still have to input your visa as you get the movie rental for free for 1 day)
2. So a little example, If you were at walgreens you could use all of the above mentioned codes once with 1 visa. Then you could use a different visa (moms?dads?friends?) and use all the above codes again.
3. If you then find another Redbox (my town is a small town and I found 2) you can use all of the above codes again with the same visa, and then switch to another visa.

I've been getting free Movie rentals for about 2 weeks now, and am happy to say that I don't have to spend large amounts of money anymore at blockbuster/hastings.

**These codes are not of my making, I'm simply posting them so the community can benefit .
**For more codes download the specified apps or go to the link. Or if you guys wanted I could just post all the codes here, (not sure if that's illegal)

So Please leave your feedback and comments, and you know what to do if you like!