Hey Everyone,

You know those times, where youve just run out, and are in the mood for a buzz? Well ive figured out and learned a few ways to actually get the resin out so that you can smoke it and stay lifted xD. Ill update the methods as i learn about them, and i would love to hear about how you guys get the res out of your piece for those desperate times .

NOTE: If anything happens to you, Your property, Or Your possesions, i cant be held responsible for your actions. By reading this you agree that you understand the risks, and can not blame me if something goes wrong. Ive done these things many times and ive never had a problem.

(1) The classic way that most smokers use. its easy, and doesnt take much time, but it leaves alot of res still inside your piece.
All you need is:

  • The piece your taking the res out of.
  • Somethin long and thin but strong. Like a straigtened paperclip
  • A lighter to heat up the res so it doesnt stick to the walls of your piece.
  • and somethin to collect all the res in until you feel you have a good amount to smoke or that theres no more res in your piece.

  1. Firstly, just heat up your piece by using the lighter to warm up the WHOLE piece. not just the bowl. Heat it up until you can just start to hear the res crackling. Dont worry about your piece, they are built strong (unless you have a really crappy one).
  2. now take your paper clip (or long thin strong thing) and scrape i on the walls of the piece. all the gunk you pull out is actually smokable and high in THC. Take that and put it somewhere. Continue with this step until res is cold again or walls have been scraped clean.
  3. once youve collected all the res (or enough to be happy with) just let your piece cool down, then pack a bowl and enjoy . Not the most efficient way, but great for those desperate times.

(2) The boiling method. This is a much more efficient way to collect the resin, but requires a heating element to boil the res out. Much more efficient then way one, but makes the whole room smell of res and if you live with family or with a room mate that doesnt smoke, it could make things awkward. You get alot more res this way, but itll take more time, and can be very very noticable.
All you need is:

  • A pot filled with enough water to cover the resin filled piece.
  • a stove or heating element to boil the water.
  • the resin filled piece.
  • tongs
  • paperclip
  • coffee filter (or some way to seperate the res from the water)
  • strainer

  1. Take the pot of water and put it on the stove to boil.
  2. Once the water is boiling, take your piece, and slowly lower it into the pot with the tongs so you dont burn yourself. you can turn down the heat to a medium now, since the water will keep its general heat going.
  3. Sit back and watch as the water works its way into and around the piece, cleanin the res off the walls and leaving it floating in the water.
  4. To be extra efficient and get more res, you can use the tongs to hold the piece while you use hte paper clip to scrape the now meltin res out even easier.
  5. once you feel most of the res is out and floating about, take the coffee filter and put it in hte strainer. Then take the piece out of the hot water, put it somewhere safe to dry, and poor the hot water through the strainer and filter paper, making sure to not get any anywhere else.
  6. once youve strained it, you have to leave the coffee paper somewhere to dry.
  7. then collect the resin and smoke it. This way gives you alot of res and is quite easy to do, but not nearly as discreet.

If you guys have any other ways or would like to post suggestions or stories, just reply!
Hope this helps guys! Stay Lifted