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This is a discussion on Collection of Real Life Hacks within the Real Life Hacks board part of the Entertainment category; Hi guys I'm going to post here links to good RLH that are older in order to stop grave digging ...

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    Lightbulb Collection of Real Life Hacks

    Hi guys I'm going to post here links to good RLH that are older in order to stop grave digging and also to keep the threads simple to find. Next to the thread link will be a link to their respective author so you can easily find the threads by their author and him if you think he deserves it.

    If you need any help just post the title of the thread and the question here so that there is no grave digging in the old threads. This way we can easily read the thread and help you here with your Q.

    I prob don't need to mention that this will be updated for some time since I can't find them all in one go, you can also help me by linking the threads here that you think deserve to be here and I will see if they have what is needed.

    Please don't post threads that were spam or smth useless if it's not a RLH at least let it be interesting to read and has the potential to teach us something new.

    The List:
    - mirt/morp traffic light changer [real life hacking] by 35yeros
    - Breaking windows (relatively) quietly. by Craffti
    - Shoplifting Tutorial by Idbjorn
    - Track a cougar by Ryan
    - how to whistle really loudly without your hands/fingers by FirstOn
    - HOW TO HACK A WOMAN / SKILL TREE INCLUDED (woman brain manipulation) by overboostaltima
    - How to make Hot Ice by Sylva
    - live inside of and control your dreams(long, but worth it) by strikersoccer14
    - Have to remind people about this (Hacking Electronic Road Signs) by Ryan
    Homemade smoke bomb by hendricius
    - Get high without any brain damage by Reinn
    - Match Head Bomb/Grenade by krnaznguy
    - How to make a japanese black egg (ninja weapon) by FirstOn
    How to make glow in the dark printer ink by unrl
    - Scare the shit out of a smoker? EASY. by Glupus
    - [Guide] Create your own Fireworks!
    - Making an Egg Firebomb by Banekai
    - The way other percieve you by Ryan
    [Pic Tut]How to get high using your body by hyper_speed
    - Sinus relief by Ryan
    HowTo: Hack WalMart's paging system :) by bendik & Ryan (Updated #4 post)
    - Making The Best Grilled Cheese by Banekai
    - How to make old looking paper
    - How To Make A Taser :D by nyaahmaster
    - Stink Bombs by Fersure
    - Shaved Key by Ryan
    - Knock yourself out. With no damage to yourself! by RogueNinja
    - How to get free games!! 100% Garanteed! by Robin
    - How to make an Exploding Pen!! xD by unrl
    Elevator hack by razathru
    - Make a REAL Landmine!! CAUTION EXTREME CAUTION! by Fersure
    How to make fake money feel like real money by Apix
    - Amazing Batteries Secrets! by dog_keeper
    - Plastic frag grenade!!! Caution EXTREMELY dangerous by RogueNinja
    - Making a Automatic Homemade BBgun by Fersure
    - Creating "Fire Wire" by Volund
    - how to build a potato cannon for only $5 by 35yeros
    - Secrets Of Pick-Locking
    - How to make Explosives 2 [Guide] (Only the Penny Bomb video is still online sadly)
    - How to make napalm by Therick (This one can seriously burn you be carefull)
    - HH: Scientific Tuesdays: Homemade rockets! by Jolinar
    - How to shoot an Anvil by hendricius
    - How to get free food (Delivery)) by Sifex but read the #3 post by 35yeros
    - How to make thermite!!! by TheVanquished
    - ripping off change machines by dm661
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