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    Select Works from the Anarchist Cookbook

    Nobody is liable for anything you do with this knowledge (all available within the public domain) besides yourself. Keep that in mind.

    Solidox Bombs by The Jolly Roger

    Most people are not aware that a volatile, extremely explosive chemical can be bought over the counter: Solidox.
    Solidox comes in an aluminum can containing 6 grey sticks, and can be bought at K-Mart, and various hardware supply shops for around$7.00. Solidox is used in welding applications as an oxidizing agent for the hot flame needed to melt metal. The most active ingredient in Solidoxis potassium chlorate, a filler used in many military applications in the WWII era.

    Since Solidox is literally what the name says: SOLID OXygen, you must have an energy source for an explosion. The most common and readilyavailable energy source is common household sugar, or sucrose. In theory, glucose would be the purest energy source, but it is hard to find asolid supply of glucose.
    Making the mixture:

    1.Open the can of Solidox, and remove all 6 sticks. One by one, grind up each of the sticks (preferably with a mortar and pestle) into the finestpowder possible.
    2.The ratio for mixing the sugar with the Solidox is 1:1, so weigh the Solidox powder, and grind up the equivalent amount of sugar.3.Mix equivalent amounts of Solidox powder, and sugar in a 1:1 ratio.

    It is just that simple! You now have an extremely powerful substance that can be used in a variety of applications. A word of caution: beEXTREMELY careful in the entire process. Avoid friction, heat, and flame. A few years back, a teenager I knew blew 4 fingers off while tryingto make a pipe bomb with Solidox. You have been warned.

    Thermite II by Jolly Roger

    Thermite is nasty shit. Here is a good and easy way to make it. The first step is to get some iron-oxide (which is RUST!). Here is a good way tomake large quantities in a short time:

    • Get a DC converter like the one used on a train set. Cut the connector off, separate the wires, and strip them both.
    • Now you need a jar of water with a tablespoon or so of sodium chloride (which is SALT!) added to it. This makes the water conductive.
    • Now insert both wires into the mixture (I am assuming you plugged the converter in...) and let them sit for five minutes. One of them willstart bubbling more than the other. This is the POSITIVE(+) wire. If you do not do this test right, the final product will be the opposite(chemically) of rust, which is RUST ACID. You have no use for this here (although it IS useful!).
    • Anyway, put the nail tied to the positive wire into the jar. Now put the negative wire in the other end. Now let it sit overnight and in themorning scrape the rust off of the nail & repeat until you got a bunch of rust on the bottom of the glass. Be generous with your rustcollection. If you are going through the trouble of making thermite, you might as well make a lot, right?
    • Now remove the excess water and pour the crusty solution onto a cookie sheet. Dry it in the sun for a few hours, or inside overnight. Itshould be an orange-brown color (although I have seen it in many different colors! Sometimes the color gets fucked up, what can I say...but it is still iron oxide!)
    • Crush the rust into a fine powder and heat it in a cast-iron pot until it is red. Now mix the pure iron oxide with pure aluminum filings whichcan be bought or filed down by hand from an aluminum tube or bar. The ratio or iron oxide to aluminum is 8 grams to 3 grams.
    • Congrats! You have just made THERMITE! Now, to light it...
    • Thermite requires a LOT of heat (more than a blow torch!) to ignite. However, magnesium ribbon (which is sort of hard to find.. call
      around) will do the trick. It takes the heat from the burning magnesium to light the thermite.

    Now when you see your victim's car, pour a fifty-cent sized pile onto his hood, stick the ribbon in it, and light the ribbon with the blowtorch. Now chuckle as you watch it burn through the hood, the block, the axle, and the pavement. BE CAREFUL! The ideal mixtures canvaporize CARBON STEEL! Another idea is to use thermite to get into pay phone cash boxes.

    Paint Bombs by Jolly Roger

    To make a pain bomb you simply need a metal pain can with a refastenable lid, a nice bright color paint (green, pink, purple, or some gross coloris perfect!), and a quantity of dry ice. Place the paint in the can and then drop the dry ice in. Quickly place the top on and then run like hell! Withsome testing you can time this to a science. It depends on the ratio of dry ice to paint to the size of the can to how full it is. If you are reallypissed off at someone, you could place it on their doorstep, knock on the door, and then run!! Paint will fly all over the place!!

    Mailbox Bombs by Jolly Roger
    1.Two liter bottle of chlorine (must contain sodium hypochlorate)2.Small amount of sugar
    3.Small amount of water

    Mix all three of these in equal amounts to fill about 1/10 of the bottle. Screw on the lid and place in a mailbox. It's hard to believe that such asmall explosion will literally rip the mailbox in half and send it 20 feet into the air! Be careful doing this, though, because if you are caught, it isnot up to the person whose mailbox you blew up to press charges. It is up to the city.

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