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This is a discussion on Perception-WoW - Custom 49 PvP & PvE - Staff Recruitment within the Recruitment board part of the WoW Private Servers category; Looking to recruit some developers/people for my project. About Perception- WoW Instant 49 Custom PvP/PvE realm SMALL CUSTOM PATCH (Patch-X.mpq) ...

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    Perception-WoW - Custom 49 PvP & PvE - Staff Recruitment

    Looking to recruit some developers/people for my project.

    About Perception-WoW

    1. Instant 49 Custom PvP/PvE realm
    2. SMALL CUSTOM PATCH (Patch-X.mpq) - For spell edits, item fixes, dbc edits and such
    3. Already have dedicated server
    4. Already have domain
    5. Most of server framework/base is already done (tons of scripts already added to core)
    6. Trinitycore
    7. Most latest rev & db
    8. Team of 4 so far (But currently am doing most of the work alone. c++, sql, dbc and much more)

    Goal for the Realm.

    Amazing Support Staff
    Team of Developers with the only goal of fixing Bugs.
    Updates and new content released on a daily basis.
    In-game events held on a daily basis. Specialty Monthly Events.
    Professional Staff Memebers

    We have a number of open positions that I need dedicated and Experienced Staff Members for.

    C++ Developers 1/3
    SQL Developers 0/3
    In-game Developers 0/3
    Ticket Masters 0/3
    Event Masters 0/3
    DBC/MPQ Developer 0/3


    C++ Developer

    A C++ developer will play a fundamental role in the advancement as well as the progression of the server.Their role would consist of the revision of the server core and correct any issues or bugs that should arise, the correction of in-game bugs related to the field of C++, The ability to script dungeons, bosses and tasks when asked. Should be able to complete projects on a timely fashion and have experience.

    SQL Developer

    SQL developers will have the opportunity to take on various roles. The main role would consist of editing the database for errors that may be present in the core as well as improving on a variety of different items and/or objects. It is expected that an SQL developer should be capable of running queries and edit tables without issues, Aswell as

    Ticket/Event Master

    The role of a Gamemaster consists of answering tickets, moderating the forums and also the website. Gamemasters can also be held responsible to hold events and take up other jobs that may be assigned to them throughout their time as a member of staff. Gamemasters are expected to have experience with the commands of Trinity core. Gamemasters are also required to speak fluent English, as well as being knowledgeable on the use of correct English grammar and punctuation.

    Contact Information

    If you are interested in any of the positions listed above. Please contact us via skype.


    Only contact me if you are serious and have experience/knowledge and PROOF of past work.

    If your interested in becoming an event/ticket GM you can do so by directing your browser to our forums and applying in the correct section using our provided template

    Perception-WoW Forums

    We are willing to pay developers depending on what they are capable of, dedication to the realm and quality of work put forth.
    Since the sever is in developental stages funds are low (But still have some available if need be).
    Once we complete the realm and release and start bringing in some sort of profit we will pay people who helped.
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