DarkHeart Entertainment (4.3.4 Cataclysm realm) is recruiting staff members for the following positions:

Developers: Knowledge needed on C++ or SQL developing, knowing both is a bonus. - NO PAID POSITIONS AVAILABLE / VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

Game Masters: Basic Game Master Knowledge (training provided), knowledge of basic commands. Patience and a cool, calm personality needed. - VOLUNTEERS ONLY

Marketers: Basic marketing knowledge, knowledge on gaming communities, knowledge on social media promotion and product promotional strategies in general needed. - VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

Forum Moderators: Basic moderating knowledge needed (training provided), patience and a cool, calm personality needed. - VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

Please note that applications are to be filled in here and interviews will be done accordingly. To access our forums, please create an account on our main website DarkHeart - International Gaming Community and log into the forums with the same details. (Bridged Web and forum)

A little about DarkHeart:

DarkHeart Entertainment is a gaming community with the realm mentioned above. Our staff have been hard at work on the server for over a year and we have finally reached our last beta stage in testing.

We work as a fast and efficient team to bring you only the best experience we, ourselves would expect from any server. With friendly and helpful staff in-game and on the forums, complete player/staff transparency and service to die for, you can't go wrong on DarkHeart Servers.

We as a team have accomplished much more in this short time than we ever thought we could.
At DarkHeart Entertainment we pride ourselves on excellence, performance and quality.

For more information about our server and the positions available above, feel free to contact server administrator Xaye on skype (xaye.darkheart) or on our forums.

We hope to hear from applicants soon.

DarkHeart Administration.