Colossus WoW is a Legion (patch 7.1.5) blizzlike server (adjustable rates from x1 to x5).

We are looking for members to fill out spots in our Game Master & Moderator branches! These positions require offering assistance and guidance to players through the various means of communication either in-game, on the forums or on our Discord server. We expect all who wish to apply to have a professional attitude, and to be social, engaging, dedicated and respectful towards other Staff members and the Colossus WoW community.

Our project is the result of a dedicated team of people, who have all come together from several servers, in order to offer quality and uniquely coded content. We've recently opened our gates for everyone after several months of closed beta.

- 6 Game Master positions
- 6 Moderator positions
- positions are currently available for all 3 Support Teams (English / Spanish / French)

- You may apply only for 1 position (either Game Master or Moderator, not both)

- Assisting players with issues relating to the game through in-game whispers, on the forums or on our Discord server;
- Maintaining order and enforcing the Colossus WoW rules;
- Prioritize, investigate and resolve all issues in an efficient and professional manner;
- Depending on the situation, other responsibilities may be assigned.

- You must be at least 18 years old;
- Proper writing and verbal communication skills in English (or Spanish / French, depending on where you wish to apply);
- You must be able to work both individually and also in a team, depending on the task you are given;
- Passion for assisting players as well as being patient when doing so;
- You must have a significant knowledge of the game, in all areas it encompasses (PVP, PVE, etc.);
- You must know the Colossus WoW server rules and policies by heart, and enforce them when necessary;
- You must have never received an account suspension;
- You must have a Discord account of your own, as well as a working microphone.

NOTE: If you fail to meet even one of the above listed requirements, then your application will be automatically rejected.

If you believe that you fulfill the requirements listed above, then the next step you must take is to send your application (using the format posted below) via e-mail to the following address:

The e-mail subject must follow this example: Colossus WoW - "Position" Application (English)

- For Game Master application: Colossus WoW - GM Application (English)
- For Moderator application: Colossus WoW - Moderator Application (English)


- Personal Information:
*Account name:
*Discord Username:
*Country of residence:
*In-game character names:

- Information about yourself (between 50 and 150 words)

- Why do you wish to apply for this position?

- Previous experience as a GM / Moderator, if you have any (specify server name, the position/rank you had, as well as the reason for interrupting it)

- What other foreign languages do you know?

- What other skills do you have? (coding, design, management, marketing, etc.)

- Any other information which you consider important for your application?

After you have sent your application, please be patient and you will receive an answer within a maximum of 48 hours. The answer will be a response e-mail sent to the address you used when sending your application, with an official statement regarding the decision taken.

Possible reasons for automatic rejection:

- Failure to use the given format or leaving a field empty;
- Incorrect e-mail subject name;
- Not meeting the application requirements;
- Previous account suspensions;
- Having been removed from a Staff Team due to misconduct or breaches of the rules.

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