We're a custom progressive realm from Vanilla to Wotlk running TrinityCore 3.3.5.

We offer features like Classless, Highrisk, Stat Allocation, Random Enchants, Customizable Racials, Free for All PvP.
Here you can see our UI and that the systems are functional!

We were originally a Guild on Project Ascension but displeased with the management we decided to create our own server and as you might have guessed that's where most of our inspiration came from.

We've tweaked a lot of features, added new ones and made a lot of balance changes.
Our servers are not open to players yet but we have about 650ish people in our Discord so there is some proof of interest!

If you want more information about us feel free to read through the Information Channels in our Discord!

We're currently looking for Developers with experience in C++ and TrinityCore, please contact Xecc or Hermes if you're interested / have any questions!