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This is a discussion on Regarding Multiple Threads within the Rules/Announcements board part of the category; There's a lot of threads recently created by the same user with literally the same exact info just with different ...

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    Regarding Multiple Threads

    There's a lot of threads recently created by the same user with literally the same exact info just with different titles. This is considered spam and violates our duplicate thread rule.

    Also, there's a bunch of threads all linking to the same 1 website, discord, or Skype username. We suggest you condense it all into 1 thread instead of bumping 10 different threads to avoid clutter and spam. Create a thread advertising multiple services in 1 is better than creating 1 for each service.

    *** Basically, if you want to sell a service in 5 different games all at once then just create an all in one thread under "Services". It's 100% better than bumping 5 threads and spamming.

    We will also be merging topics and moving them to the appropriate section.

    - We reserve the right to merge your threads if they conflict with this rule. His us up if you need help to merge them on your own.
    - Infractions may occur after a certain time period the rule is set in place. After 1 month you may start receiving infractions if the rule is broken.
    An infraction is considered "Spam" and is worth 5 / 10 points, and lasts for a total of 60 days. 10 points are the max, and you will be banned if you hit the limit.

    - If you received a spam infraction before please send us a message we will check it out and reverse it.

    Any questions please feel free to send me a message. Thanks.

    (This rule will most likely be updated in the near future to further create a better d3scene experience overall, and to try and remove/prevent a bunch of unnecessary clutter of threads).
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