Classes Offered by Crytical Error


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Classes: (All tools required will be supplied for you!)

I. Computational Fundamentals
In this class you learn multiple aspects of your computer. It teaches you

basic issues from how a computer works, to even some basic programming, and

reversing tecniques! Understand how things work, and master the termonology to

enhance your understanding, literacy, and computational intellect.

Price. $ 10.00

II. Programming

a. mASM32
b. Visual Basic 6.0
c. C++

Master all the basics of one of these languages and and build a great

foundation to success. Obtain access to the best-recommended resources.

Price. $ 20.00

III. Reversing

Recommended you learn class I and class II before attempting this

section. This class teaches you to crack programs, and build a foundation as a

reverse engineer.

Price. $ 20.00

a. Game Hacking
+ $ 10.00

our staff member Crytical offers lessons,
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just PM him if you would like some!