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    Ranks of D3Scene.com

    This is a list of ranks available on D3Scene.com

    Global Moderators

    Reputation based:
    Elder Users(gained by 50rep received, will gain you access to our Chatbox)
    Premium Members(gained by 350rep received, will gain you access to our PremBoard)
    Contributors(gained by 1000rep received, will gain you an item you choose)

    Additional ranks:

    Explanation of each rank:
    Administrators are in charge of basically everything. They maintain the website in its server settings behind the scenes, moderate every forum available, solve problems like bugs or issues between users and keep track of the actions done by their Global Moderators and Moderators.

    Global Moderators do moderate every section available and are not limited in their powers when it comes to infractions, permissions or the ability to move and delete posted content. They so to speak take
    care of users problems along with their posted content.

    Moderators are in charge of a single section. They can not infract users but have the option to delete or move posted content. Usually they take care of the reports given by users and, if neccessary, forward them to a higher-powered Global Moderator. In order for a moderator to obtain this username color, they must achieve the rank of premium, and be a mod.

    Ex-Staff describes our members that have helped D3Scene to make what you know it to be and were Global Moderator in the past. As we all know live is a changing condition thus some people you know as Global Moderator might at some point retire from their position and due to the effort they put into their job receive the Ex-Staff title as reward. They do not have any more power to infract users or delete content. They're users with default permissions.

    Hackers are users that have demonstrated to have skills in hacking, coding or reverse engineering. If you want to apply for this usergroup you will on the one hand need the approval of users already being member of this group and our Administrators.

    Donors are users that supported D3Scene with some money which we can use for a better hardware thus a faster forum or even giveaways. If you want to receive this neat userbar next to your name make sure to donate yourself!
    Another way to show your loyalty to D3Scene is to buy a T-Shirt with a very nice design!
    Follow this link if you're from Europe and this one if you're not.

    We hope you enjoy your stay!

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