Feature revamp - Detected hacks.

This is a discussion on Feature revamp - Detected hacks. within the Rules/Announcements board part of the category; I'm proud to announce a new-ly-ish revamped completely awesome feature (woot). The Hack Detection Form SECTION !! We've added a ...

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    Feature revamp - Detected hacks.

    I'm proud to announce a new-ly-ish revamped completely awesome feature (woot).

    The Hack Detection Form SECTION!!

    We've added a forum where all the reports will be posted.

    So, you will have to fill out a form if you are using a hack and it gets detected.
    All you have to do is post a little information about the situation when you got detected! You can get to the form from here.
    If you do not post enough adequate evidence in your form, we will not take it seriously.
    Any attempt to disrespect this system or exploit it will result in infractions.

    These forms can now be seen in this section. Detected Hack Reports

    You are able to view these reports only. You may not comment or post new threads in there. It is a, read only section, if you will. We will not be allowing comments. Ever. The point of not having comments is to reduce the amount of rage/flame wars that would surely erupt if comments were allowed.

    So please, when you are using a hack that gets you banned, fill out that form!

    For those of you interested, we will still do newsletters when I get something set up. It just won't involve detected hacks. That's too circumstantial to try to pinpoint detections. Use this section to take the place of that portion of the future newsletter.

    PS: Any threads submitted about a hack being detected will from now on be deleted without question.

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    This is pretty cool. Much improvement.

    Seeing other people's reports instantly will solve many of the problems we had with the form + (up to 1 week delayed) newsletter combo. Also somewhat less work for the mods.

    One small change that would help heaps is having the reported hack name concatenated into the thread title so we wouldn't have to open each new report every day just to see at a glance which hacks are newly reported as detected and if our favorite hack is on the list.

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