Difficulty level: Easy

Start location: Speak to Charlie the zookeeper in the Ardougne Zoo.


Skills: Level 27 Hunter

Items: One swamp tar, yellow dye, 50 gp


Skills: Level 25 Agility

Items: Varrock Teleport

Monsters: Kebbit (Level 13)

NPC: Charlie, Nickolaus, Fancy dress shop owner

1: Ferreted Away
Items Required: None

Talk to Charlie, who will tell you about his problems with a ferret who escaped while being transported to the zoo. Nickolaus, an associate of Charlie's, has offered to recapture the ferret, but has not been in contact for a while. Charlie will ask you to go looking for him, telling you it would be a good idea to start looking in the mountains west of the Gnome Stronghold.

2: Setting Out
Items Required: None

Head to the Gnome Stronghold, then go west until you come upon the mountains. Head north until you find a path heading up to Eagles' Peak. Here you will find a Rocky Outcrop which appears to be a door, but you cannot yet open it. Northwest of this are rocks to climb down to the campsite.

If you cannot climb down these rocks, you can walk from the Piscatoris hunting area. Here you will find a tent with a campfire, some books, and some equipment lying outside. Inspect the books to find a Bird Book. When you read it, a metal feather will fall out.

3: Going In
Items Required: Metal Feather

Head back up the rocks and use the metal feather. Enter the tunnel and head south where you can see Nickolaus. Shout to Nickolaus, and he will pretend that he intentionally trapped himself with the eagle. After a long conversation, he will tell you that he needs you to give him a disguise that would make the eagles believe he is one of them. He suggests you go to the Fancy dress shop owner in Varrock in order to make the disguises. Be sure to pick up ten of the Giant Eagle feathers before leaving.

4: Disguise
Items Required: 10 Giant eagle feathers, 1 swamp tar, yellow dye, 50 gp

Head to Varrock with the pieces for the Giant Eagle costume, and speak to the Fancy dress shop owner. Ask him about bird costumes, and he will say he's out of Giant Eagle costumes, but could make sets if given the materials. Speak to him again and tell him you have all the necessary materials, and he will give you two costumes.

5: Collecting Feathers
Items Required: None

Head back to the Eagles' Peak tunnel, and go in. If you shout to Nickolaus, he will tell you to bring the costumes to him. Unfortunately he is blocked by a door, which requires three feathers to pass:

Bronze Feather: Go through the tunnel west of the door to Nickolaus. You will see a pedestal with a net under it. If you attempt to take the feather from the pedestal, it will be caught in the net, out of your reach. Operate the four winches in the corners of the room, and the pedestal will fall, allowing you to take the feather from it.
Silver Feather: Go through the tunnel northwest of the door to Nickolaus. You will see a pedestal with nothing on it. Inspect it and you will find that the feather has been stolen! You will see a set of footprints in front of the pedestal. Track these until you come to an opening. Inspect it and a level 13 Kebbit will attack you. Kill it, the silver feather will be dropped.
Gold Feather: Go through the tunnel east of the entrance to the cave. Take at least 6 of the odd bird food from the birdseed holder. Should you mess up the puzzle, there is a reset lever outside the maze.

Here is a map of the maze with strategic action spots marked to help you. The numbers correspond with the actions in the below list:

In order to solve the puzzle:

Head south to a corner track, and place birdseed in the bird feeder there (blue 1 on map above) to get the west eagle to move to the corner.
Go all the way southwest, then north into the niche and pull the lever (red 1).
Head north of the entrance to find another lever in a small niche, and pull it (red 2).
Head to the southeast section of the maze and place birdseed in the bird feeder for the eagle going from east to west (blue 2).
Place birdseed in the bird feeder for the eagle going from north to south (blue 3).
Go all the way southeast and pull the lever (red 3).
Go back to the same lever in the niche just north of the entrance and push it up (red 4).
Put birdseed in the bird feeder slightly north of the lever (blue 4).
Go all the way northwest, and then west and pull the lever (red 5).
Head to the southwest section and put birdseed in the western-most bird feeder (blue 5).
Put birdseed in the bird feeder at the corner of the tracks (blue 6).
Now go to the room due west of the entrance and take the Golden Feather from the pedestal.

6: Freedom and Success
Items Required: Bronze feather, silver feather, gold feather, two eagle costumes

Go back to the stone door in the south part of the main cave and put the three feathers in it. You will now be able to open it. Wear your eagle costume and walk past the eagle. Talk to Nickolaus to give him his disguise. He will tell you to meet him at the campsite, so head there. Talk to him and he will teach you to catch ferrets, giving you one in the process. Go to Ardougne, talk to Charlie, and you have completed the quest!


2,500 Hunter Experience
Ability to hunt ferrets
Ability to hunt rabbits
Ability to use the Eagles for transportation
Quest points gained on completion: 2

Tips, tricks & notes:

After the quest, eagles in a room east of the Nest can be flown to three different locations near hunting areas. See the lasso section of the hunting skill guide for specifics.
Written By/Credits: SaidinWoT
Guide originally from http://www.tip.it/runescape