Difficulty level: Hard

Start location: Forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, talk with warrior in group of adventurers.


Skills: Level 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting, be able to kill a level 101 Tree Spirit without weapons.

Items: Hatchet, knife.

Monsters: Zombie (level 25), Tree Spirit (level 101)

NPC: Monk, Wizard, Warrior, Ranger, Shamus

1: Getting started
To start the quest first head to Draynor Village South east of the prison and you will find a camp with 4 adventurers: a monk, a wizard, a warrior, and a ranger. If you question one of them they will start to reveal to you the whereabouts of Zanaris. When questioning them, try to act stupid, ask who Zanaris is for example (Zanaris is a place, not a person) and eventually they will tell you about a leprechaun they're looking for.

2: The leprechaun
To find this leprechaun you will need a hatchet to chop a certain tree. The tree is north-west of the adventurers' fire pit, it will say "chop tree" instead of "chop down tree." Make sure you are wielding your hatchet, and chop the tree. When you do this a little fella in green called Shamus should appear.

If you talk to him he will tell you how to enter Zanaris: with a staff carved from the dramen tree found on Entrana.

3: The Dramen staff
To gain access to Entrana you won't be allowed to bring any weapons or armor, this including almost all equippable items that give bonuses, with the exception of all amulets, some robes, and some capes, (the robes and capes that give almost no bonuses) which are allowed. You may bring all the runes you want. You may also wish to bring some fletching and crafting items to make your own ranger armour and weapons ON THE ISLAND. You can bring leather, needles, threads, arrows (these are allowed), unstrung bows, and bow strings to the island. If you want good equipment bring a friend with high crafting and/or fletching to make you some stuff, or make some yourself. You may also wish to bring prayer pots, or other pots, and food.

Go to Port Sarim and speak to the monks to travel to Entrana. Once there head east, cross the bridge then head west until you see a cave monk. If you try to access the ladder he will warn you about the evilness in it and such. You will only be able to exit by teleporting or going through a portal into high level (32) wilderness, so it's recommended you bring a teleport spell or an amulet of glory.

4: Entrana Dungeon
Once you climb down the ladder your prayer will be drained nearly completely. You will also come across some zombies. Kill them until you have a bronze hatchet, and possibly a bronze medium helmet. Up ahead are some greater demons (level 92) guarding the portal (do not go through the portal). If you're lucky you might get some steel or mithril armour, or even a rune full helmet as drops. Further on is the dramen tree!

You won't be able to cut a branch from it yet though, if you try, a level 101 tree spirit will attack you! You must defeat it: range, melee, or magic, just kill it! When fighting the tree spirit, it hits for up to 10 damage. But you can trap it on the far side of the rocks and/or mushrooms and safely range/mage it to death. When you have, you will be allowed to cut all the dramen branches you want! Get one, or a couple if you wish (use your bronze hatchet you got from the zombies) and teleport out of there. We suggest you teleport to Lumbridge.

Now head towards the basement of the Lumbridge Castle and get a knife near the sink. Use the knife on the branch to make yourself a dramen staff! Wield the staff and now head towards the adventurers where you started. Talk to the adventurers and gloat about what you've done (not necessary, but fun) before you head east. Past the swamp you will find a small shed, if you enter, wielding your dramen staff, your world will start to shimmer, and hey presto, you're in Zanaris!

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map of the Lost City


Access to the Lost City.
Ability to buy and wield the Dragon Long Sword (100k) and Dragon Dagger (30k) from shops down there (need a cut diamond to get in to this area). Note that level 60 Attack is also required to wield dragon weapons.
You can take an uncut snelm and cut it on Entrana to get yourself a helmet there.
Quest points gained on completion: 3

Written By/Credits: Eeveon
Guide originally from http://www.tip.it/runescape