The name's Miguel. I live in Portugal and Im Portuguese. Im 22, I study Architecture in college and I have been a musician for almost 10 years. I play guitar, drums and bass I have had two bands in the past, right now im in a musical project just doing small stuff cuz college time doesnt allow me to do more.

Im a CS 1.6 Cheater, and so far that's has been the only game where I like to cheat online, sometimes I enjoy kicking some other cheaters ass, its fun, not trying to offend anybody, but sometimes they have better hacks than me and know how cheat better than me. XD So, I came here hoping that I can learn more about CS 1.6 Online Cheating & Hacking, and I hope I can learn it in here. I am also looking for a place to start learning how to hack, cuz im a noob in that field but it interests me greatly, I would really love to learn how to program, not for a job, just for a hobby. Nice meeting you all, hope we get along. If I can help somewhere, just let me know. ^^

Here are three questions I would like to rise off the bat about cs 1.6 hacks:

1 - What are the best CS 1.6 Hacks for playing online?

2 - What are the best CS 1.6 Hack combinations you can make when you are up against strong cheats? For example, C.C.A. & Cheat Engine.

3 - What is the best CS 1.6 Pirate (Non-Steam) Version for cheating and hacking?

Tnkx in advance, and I would also like to express my love for Games, Anime and Manga, just to say that altough Im a xiter in CS and that I use cheats in some games sometimes, I am gamer at heart, I dont cheat in its majority, cuz I also like to play fair and square and have fun a lot of times, I love a good gaming history (Final Fantasy for example) and I fully suport the video game industry, actually I have a big collection and I buy a lot of games. This is just to say that cheaters are no monsters at heart. Cheers brothers and sisters. ^^