Hello to all our fellow MU community sincerely from all of our Trinity project team, First of all, ┐What is Project Trinity? ┐Who are we?. We are a group of MU developers that got tired of working for people that was used to paying us very low
to do all the work, then getting all the money and then closing or abandoning the server leaving the players behind. Since we are also old time MU players, we felt really bad when that happened and sadly, we had no choice.
So we group up and decided to start a server of our own with a new perspective of never scamming, never leaving
the server to die, never getting p2p, never doing anything corrupted, we just wanna develop, have an amazing happy
community and overall, to create and maintain the best server out there.
To do that we have developed a brand new experience, with a very specific set of rules that we as a server MUST OBEY.

  • 1st. Must be Play 2 Win.
  • 2nd. Server will never be abandoned
  • 3rd. keep the server with constant updates and fixes
  • 4th. Keep in touch with the community
  • 5th. Game must be fun, competitive and active.

All those rules will go side by side with our main goal, improving the experience of an old game and bring it back to 2019.