As the name implies, the Friday Grab Bag is a collection of community questions taken from the official Dark Age of Camelot forums. Add some announcements into the mix and you have a good read.
Q. Is Quillan Muire in Muire's tomb supposed to drop any loot? It seems like he is the "boss" of the dungeon but she drops nothing different from his surrounding guards. I know he has a quest associated with her, but the other named Muires along that quest can drop items. Thanks!
A. With a quick check to the bags o'loot the Lady of the Jewels has good news for you: Quillan Muire does have a chance to drop a small amount of unique loot, but it is very rare.
Q. I have noticed that the blunt weapon given to druids by the trainer is called an "Arch Mace". But it is actually a hammer. Is it supposed to be a hammer and is mislabeled or is it a mace with the wrong graphic?
A. After a quick glance at the mace looking like a hammer, the Lady of the Jewels says you are absolutely correct: The names of these items do not seem to fit with their appearance in game. Keep an eye on future patch notes about a correction to the names of these Druid weapons. Thank you for the report!
Q. How do I add the guild ranks to the house friends list so I can set the different permission levels?
A. In one quick motion The Bearded Wonder found your answer: If you look at the feedback for /housefriend it is as follows:
Invalid Friend type.
Correct format is /housefriend player/guild/rank/account/all/class/race
If your guild rank is named "test" for example, you would type.
/housefriend rank test
Q. My question involves the Alchemy drop items. Why does the Ancient Crushed Focus Stone only drop one at a time, while the Ancient Troll Blood, Ancient Giant Blood, Ancient Mirror, Ancient Pure Mercury, and the Enriched Quicksilver drops off the same mobs in stacks of 5? The Ancient Necrotic Brain Fluid and the Ancient Lich Tooth will drop in stacks of 3. There doesn't appear to be a level variation between the drops, and they are all used with Alchemy of 1000+. Shouldn't they all be dropped in the same quantity?
A. The Lady of the Jewels thought about this a moment: The player brings up an excellent point. I will look into what can be done about normalizing the alchemy drops across the board in a future patch.
Q. I've been looking for a trophy mob - a pig called Jari. I've tried for many game-days to get it to spawn, either in the Abbey Farm or the Bandit Camp, by killing Wild Sows nearby. No luck so far. Is there any way you can confirm that it still exists or any advice you can offer?
A. The Lady of the Jewels smiled and exclaimed: Jari is quite the elusive pig! She can be found at either the field next to Vetusta Abbey, or to the northwest wandering among the red dwarves. Her chance to spawn is very rare, however, and she shares a chance with the other pigs in both areas. Try hunting the pigs in both locations to give Jari a chance to show herself.
Q. Upon deploying certain rams we've come across rams that you have to invite people on. I've asked many times in advice but to no avail. How do you invite people on a ram when it calls for an invitation?
A. I interrupted a very serious conversation between The Bearded Wonder and the Blonde Gremlin about ninjas and pirates, the Blonde Gremlin in the middle of demonstrating a ninja move said: The command you need is /vinvite.
Q. I'm looking for some clarification on the rest xp you implemented in 1.94. The patch notes are not clear about whether any unused rest xp is lost when a character logs out. For example, I log in a character to craft a few items but do not do any hunting. Would the rest xp that character has already accumulated carry over to the next time he logs in? Or would it be reset?
A. As I read the question to The Bearded Wonder, he kept on nodding confidently at me, which kept me wondering if someone was standing behind me making funny faces. He said: The rest XP is kept so that it should be there the next time that character logs in.
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