Hey guys,
My name is Zack and I m an addict to PC games. Bought a 360, played a week and found myself back here playing my PC games. I m a big fan of MMOS- played through EQ, SWG and WoW. I ve enjoyed the classics of SC, Diablo 1-2 w/ Expansion and the Warcraft 1-3 series. I m not usually someone that triffles with forums as thats time I could be gaming. However I found some posts on here of special interest to me regarding Diablo 3. I played WoW.....enjoyed it for awhile and now...I m bored! I ve turned to the next big game to cure my bordum, Diablo! I enjoyed playing several hard core characters to lvl 99 back in the day and hope for a new challege with its 3rd release. I ve come here hoping find more information on the franchise. Hopefully something linking Diablo to Blizzards new MMO imparticular. If your interested in this as well please drop your opinion in my thread, regarding it. I m glad to be a part of this community and look forward to conregate with everyone about these games and more.