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    [Age of Empires] Strategy!

    Welcome to Hallowsend's Age of Empires

    Inside of this tutorial I will teach you all some of my favorite strategies in the computer game Age of Empires. I should start off by telling you all about the game Age of Empires. As some of you might know, it is a Real Time Strategy Game (RTS) that was created by THQ. There is a campaign in which you can choose between Greece, Babylon, Egypt, or Yamato. You can choose between a wide variety's of scenarios if you wish to play like that, and you can even create your maps + scenarios. Now that you know about Age of Empires, I will teach you some of my favorite strategies.

    Table of Contents:
    I. Using the Boundaries to your Advantage
    II. Islands
    III. Cheating
    IV. Making and Keeping Friends
    V. Special Tips

    The foundries in Age of Empires can be very useful at times. The black part outlining the map is what I speak of. Nobody can enter this black, and therefore it acts as an impenetrable wall. To start off the game, do not make a town center. First, use the following cheat code(s): "reveal map". Without the quotes. Once this is entered, find a good spot where you are up against the black on at least one side. Move over to that area. If needed, clear out some of the forests and berries for better production.

    Build your town center up against this wall. It really serves no purpose, but I think it looks nice. Build buldings around this, making sure to leave at least one block of space for people to walk through. Continue making properties and advancing technologically and physically, until you are in the iron age with fortifications and ballista towers. Build Fortified walls all around your un-protected 3 sides of your civilization. On the fourth, build a quarter of the way together on both sides, then stop. Now, where the walls end, put up ballista towers. Now, only you and ally's can leave and enter your city!

    Note: Make sure to place troops and units effectively here. This is a great technique and is wasted if enemies can waltz in without getting owned by a few "guards". If you want amazing, virtually indestructible guards, stick around for the "cheats" portion of this guide.

    Islands are very great prospects to this game. No matter the size of your island, you are un-touchable for the first few minutes of this game. Use it to your advantage! Use the technique stated above (building fortifications on all 4 sides, but leaving room for towers) to make yourself another little castle area. Now, once again, nobody can leave or enter your main town.

    Build nicely placed docks. A dock is useless if the boats it creates are miles away from getting to your enemies. You don't want too many docks either, because they get in the way of the boats that you will eventually create. When you make your first dock, place it inside of crevice in the land. On the two pertruding sides, add guard towers. This way, no ships or units can get to your docks without being shot at by the towers.

    Place catapaults on good locations around your island. Not only are they good against boats, but they can take out a massive amount of enemy units before they even see you. Its also good to place siege weapons below large hills, because inclines and declines do not affect this type of unit. Trust me, they WILL kill you.

    I like islands more than the above strategy because you see the enemy's coming from farther away. Also, they can't get to you without a transport boat, which is relatively slow and can be taken out by your siege weapons before reaching your island.

    Age of Empires has tons of useful cheat codes. They can get you lots of wood, gold, stones, AND food. Also, awesomely destructive units. Sounds like fun? Good. Well, here are a lot of good cheats:

    Quote Originally Posted by [url=http://gamewinners.com/
    GameWinners.com - Cheats and codes for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS, PSP, and more...[/url]]

    Quote Originally Posted by [url=http://gamewinners.com/

    Kill everyone else diediedie

    Resign game resign
    Full map reveal map
    1000 food pepperoni pizza
    1000 gold coinage
    1000 wood woodstock
    1000 stone quarry
    Remove Fog of War no fog
    Turn Villagers to Medusa's medusa
    Amazingly powerful trooper photon man

    All catapaults and Tirimes turn to flying dutchman. flying dutchman Instant Everything steroids
    Win scenario home run

    Kill player kill <player>
    Rocket Launcher Car bigdaddy
    All ballistas turn to Big Berthas big bertha
    Priests have 600 HP + are Fast hoyohoyo
    Chariot Archers go Faster upsidflintmobile
    Archers to Stealth Archers dark rain
    Horse-Archers to Black Archers black rider
    Unit with 300 Attack, but slow reload. e=mc2 trooper

    Credits for the cheat codes go to: http://gamewinners,com/

    Friends and enemies are a large part of the Age of Empires game play. But, sometimes they can be really stubborn. When you first start an age of empires game, all the opponents will be set to "Enemy". What you need to do first thing when you create a new game is set all your opponents to Neutral by selecting "Diplomacy" in the upper right hand corner of the game. You are all bright people, so you will know what to do next.

    Once you do this, everyone will automatically like you. From then on, you can choose who you want to be buddies with and who you would like to demolish.

    To keep your friends close, every so often give them a gift of wood, food, gold, or lumber. This can be done through the diplomacy menu. The same one you accessed to set everyone to neutral. You should also help people out in wars when it comes to that, too. You can do this by helping them repair damage, giving them lumber, gold, and stones, and just plain killing their enemies.

    Age of Empires can be tricky. Here are a few tips to change that.

    1) Save your game often. You never know when you will make a bad move.

    2) Don't Give up! Things are never as bad as they seem. As long as you have 1 peasent, you will live on.

    3) Don't be afraid to cheat! They say that cheaters never win, right? They never said anything about cheaters losing, either. Or getting killed.

    Well, that concludes my epic tutorial on Age of Empires. I hope that you enjoyed it.

    P.S. I will add pictures in a little bit.

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    Thankies! Long guide.

    Easy to understand - English :P

    + rep.
    // Reinn

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    yea nice guide(just by the looks of it)
    will read when i play the game

    By eZ]aCx of D3Scene.com

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