My name is Catherine and I'm from quebec (yeah, that's the french part of Canada) I'm 18 and work for a commercial assurance company.

About five years ago, I started playing Warcraft ROC quite a lot (too much?!) and being who I am, I started hacking . This is when I started visiting CBN (www.CheatingBattle.net), CE (www.CryticalError.com) and D3Scene. Back in those times, I never registered to any of these site (I was a total retard when I was a teen) and just leeched my way to win warcraft games XD.

Three years after, I stopped warcraft. I started meeting people, roller blading, graphic desisgning, programming (I'm far from an expert) and smoking.

But now is the time for me to start playing Warcraft again.

So, here I am. (at least I'm not leeching anymore lol)

Oh and allo is hi in french XD