First off, welcome to d3scene ! Now, I'm sure your excited to be in a new hacking community, but you must remember your common sense. The main things I see new members get in trouble for are these:

- Spam: If you are here to spam, well I really can't help you, your going to get banned.
- Useless posting to increase post count: Okay, remember, no matter how many signatures tell you, if you have a bigger post count, this does not make you better. In fact, if you had 50 posts and 500 rep I would respect you way more. Just take it easy, post useful posts, and don't overdo it.
- Rep abuse: I said above that I would respect you more if you had more rep, however this does not mean you can create another account or rep abuse. Our moderators are watchful, we will find you and ban you. Don't try.
- Begging for hacks: Last but not least, if you came looking for hacks, and you don't find them, we invite you to join our community anyways. That having been said, do not beg for the hacks you want, stick around, if it gets created it will eventually find its way here .

All that above being said, I've decided to add (small) benefits for members who follow these rules.

Any member who joins after today (June 1st 2009), reaches 200 rep, and has not been infracted/warned will get ped by me , and recognition some other way I will have to think of later.

Just post in this thread when (and only when) you reach 200 rep .

And YES this means if you break any rules, your automatically out.

Diesel &
The d3scene Staff