quick intro: Canadian Newfoundlander stuck on the mainland... typical geek with a touch of dork - got a few years of experience in electrical engineering, double that in computers and hardware/software management - total noob when it comes to programming/scripting - neither noob nor 1337 when it comes to gaming... laid back, enjoy a good laugh, good drink, good game... joined this forum cause nearly every google search ive done in the last 3 weeks has referenced it but without an account i cant see or do much...

been working on wow and wotlk specifically trying to get my own little server goin for me my family and my circle of friends....

so here I am sick of all the crap private servers out there - recently played one that started out cool but had a donor system going that got you in game gear and bonuses... a devide spread between donors and non donors and the sense of community quickly fell away... a bloddy shame too!

anyway, i've now decided to be my own boss and run my own server - needs tweaking but the general idea is gonna be to make our own mini expansions... using db management and editing tools, im working on creating my own string of quests that will provide start middle and end to a characters story. further more, with detailed character bios it will be easy to get into wotlk and wow in general in ways never before explored... im taking RP-ing to a new level...

problem is like my topic implies, absolute noob...
im running R3Vzone's front end V3 repack of mangos
my current details are YTDB-098-r481-rev7594
i was able to get online and get in game, server commands work and I have a few accounts going - we can get in from behind my router and from the outside world no problem - its the database and script stuff mostly that I need help with ... assuming that helps anyone narrow things down...

anyway, I'm having a really hard time doing even simple things
a) adding my own custom items, like a GIANT bag with a ton of slots
b) creating chain quests
c) editing the stats of existing gear

i use the internal SQL system of the repack for hosting
and I use Navicat lite 8 for editing the database files
I also have quice 1.2.41 but i have yet to work out anything with it!

what are some of the better tools i can use, that will allow me to stay within support for client version (as me and mine dont want to upgrade just yet) and how can i get around my issue of creating an item which always leaves me with the following error(s):

Item (Entry: ###) not correct (not listed in list of existed items)
[ this is what happens when i create my own items with a unique entry ]

or this:

Item (Entry: 5114) not correct class 1, must be 15 (still using db value)
Item (Entry: 5114) not correct 8 material, must be -1
etc etc etc... and thats what i get when i try to substitute my item in the place of another... in this case the Severed Talon which is a useless grey item.

my current work has mostly been with //FrOzEn/Mangos/item_template as I cant seem to find any other files or databases to work with which might impact the "existed items list" ?!?!?

so there you have it - hello and lets cut the crap please help LOL

if we can just get one item created I would be happy
I want to make a Bag: Container of the Timelords - It's bigger on the inside!

I plan on using the model/display id: 18426 from the quest item: "Carefully-packed crate" making it bind on equip, rare quality, and with as many slots as possible. only available through the .add command from a GM, which I am... ideas, suggestions, what am i missing / doing wrong that it always fails???