So me and my friend have recently begun playing WC3 in prep for SC2.
(We heard that SC2 is going to be more micro heavy then the original and while WC3 is on the opposite end of the macro v micro spectrum, the micro skills gained from it help a lot if you already know how to macro.) Both coming from a long relationship with SC we picked up on the game and became decent pretty fast. We are no where near what you would call a good player, but we are definitely not noobs either. We have a great understanding of the concepts, strategies, and terms in the game, we just lack practice and repetition to help transition into the flow of the game mechanics. My friend started playing a few months before I did and then recruited me. We both played about 2-4 games a night for about 3 months. We never faced human opponents, we would either play 2v2 comps or 1v1.

This brings us into the 4th month since I first started playing WC3 and I have started playing 1v1 matches on (not ladder). After winning my 4 out of 8 matches I am very confident in my skills. I am even more confident in my friends gameplay because he consistently stomps on me!!

So we decided we wanted to try out 2v2 tournaments, but what we have discovered is 2v2 is even more strategy intensive than 1v1!!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that they have found work well in 2v2.

I play UD and my friend plays Orc, but we have recently begun training NE and Orc (we've heard thats a strong combo) so any strats for UD/Orc, UD/NE, or NE/Orc would be great.

Thanks for the help