hello... im a new member in your group... I am a Noob Genera Player, in short newbie. im at lvl 17 now, i usually hang out @ philippine room's. tree tag room 1. im always Online, i have plans. i will create clan at genera, as of now. i have 19 loyal members. as now i am a member of a clan. the clan lord transfer his clan to me, coz he notice that i influence the tree tag room 1, almost everybody in room 1 know my name. but when i reach lvl 25 in genera. i will make my own clan and upgrade my clan up to 100 members. i cannot upgrade others clan. coz for sure, when time comes the real owner of the clan will ask me to give back his clan again. if that happens i waste my money for other clan. well i have some question about your/this site. Like "is really genera exp hack real?", "how does hack @ genera work?" in any case that i found out that it really works, id like to refer your site to my friends in genera. (can i refer them to join here?) I am really a Genera Adik player. i usually online 24/7 at genera.. since the day i register an accnt @ GENERA.COM.
oh and by the way. im a member of 4shared.com too, i have files there... some noob files. thank's. . . hope to here some reply.