Hey, everybody!
I just joined here(obviously) and wanted to introduce myself. I have recently reacquired my MMO "habit" and came across this site while googling WoW bots. I'd never cheat in a FPS or strategy game though With MMO's I consider it a gray area as they are based more on time invested than actual skill and I am opposed to the whole gold-selling/buying economy.
As I already mentioned I am a WoW player (multiboxer ) and have been playing (on and off) since 1.1, but I also play strategy and fps, the other games I'm playing at the moment are Aion, Fallout 3, CS: Source, Crysis and Sins of a Solar Empire at the moment.
I have been gaming for many years and I would have to say my Favorite games of all time would be X-Com (1&2>the rest by far, RIP X-Com Alliance ), Tribes 1, all things Warcraft, Counter-Strike (both), Diablo 1&2 (can't wait for 3), Starcraft (release 2 already!), the whole Baldur's Gate series and StarControl 2.
If you made it to the end of this, I applaud you, your attention span is longer than mine . See you around!