Hi all members of d3scene ... I am here to help you or learn new things about stealing or hacking people`s account. I have tried the following methods:
1.Find a fool that will change account with yours and tell him that you will say password on 1,2,3 ... Then you tell him wrong password while he tells you his(right pw) o.O then you got yourself a brand new acc xD
2.Join channel at and spam this: "My old acc hacked plz who give me 1 for free /w me!" Believe me i tried it ... it works cuz i got account MyDeadLive @ Northrend
3.Find an account that is semi good and that player on it is newbie to wc3 tft commands etc. Tell him that he needs to type /away [his password here] so that bnet wouldn`t erase his account... Then you wisper him and change his pw xD
P.S. Never tried keylogger ...