M 80 This is the easiest and cheapest way to make an M 80 and if made right can put a hole in a Metal Mailbox.

1) Buy a Pack of Flowers (Fireworks).
2) Get some Ducktape, a penny, and a pair of pliers
3) Take a Flower out of the pack
5)Slightly crush the opposite end of the wick with the pliers
4) Empty the orange dust out of the back the best u can
5) take the penny and put it over the whole in the back of your Flower
6) Tape the penny with your duckdape the best u can
*note the tighter u tape it the bigger the bang
7) Last tape the hole flower with the exception of the front about 6 or 7 times around.
Also when u set the flower down to ignite point penny away from u
The penny comes flying off in the general direction it is pointing.
Have Fun,