Hey folks
Maybe it's a little bit to late but why I shouldn't post here^^. I love it to play WarCraft 3, most time RoC (I think the gameplay is much better, and there aren't so much noobish people like in TFT). I live atm in Croatia and I really love it here (especially the girls ;o). I speak Croatian, Fluently German(because I lived some years in Germany, and were goin' there to school), and a little bit English(which is not so good )
I'm not long time here but I like D3Scene, especially the nice people here that wanna help, and making great guides and tutorials^^. I know alot about Stealthbots and GHost++ and GHost One, so feel free to PM me if you need help, and I wrote my first tutorial about Stealthbots some time ago. I hope I wont go on your nerves so long I stay here^^