Hello, i am iskander.

I m french, i live in Bourgogne and i am 35 y old.
I am a truck driver, i like kikboxing, sport in general, informatique, musique and history.
Second world war, antiquity and wars in general.

I have just create my first site, it is about counter strike source.
I am happy to be with you, i hope i will early go up the 10 or 15 points to be useful.

Well, if you have any question about me, my site, passions etc, don t hesitate !
If you want, after you surf in D3Scene, you can go see me in my counter ss site :

*** i have not the right to do it !! lol !! ***


I have one question if any one can help me please,
i don t know how to see all replys i made, or post i made.
Thank you.