First off do not consider this a advertisement I am mearly giving you background information on what I do at ThatKeyStore!

Hello everyone!

I am new round here as you may tell but I figured i'd give you a bit of information about me and what I do.

My name is Mark, I am 16 and I work at ThatKeyStore, I do not work alone though I have some great people who help me along the way they are Max and Olav, we all work on support so there is no need for worry there and we are constantly looking for more support staff.

Olav runs a tight ship and me and Max do our best to keep the work in order.
We love workig at ThatKeyStore, it's a friendly enviroment and we love supporting people!

This site is fairly new, but we are not new to the trade... We provide on-going support for EVERY user who has EVER purchased from us!

if it's alright with D3Scene I was hoping we could setup our little shop here for a little advertisement and to bring you the best games and the best prices!

Thanks a lot in advance for positive posts.