Basically, im totally new to this site. Let me properly introduce my self
Hello. My name is SSSS3 ofcourse i can't tell you my real name becuase you need to pay me for that
im new to the site, but i expeirenced skillhackers, and battlemods, since 2008. But d3 was made before those 2 site was on... HOw come i never heard of it... silly me
Game: i played wow, wc3 and screw sc2 since im suck at sc1...
addiction: my addiction was wc3, fb and game hacking sites such as skillhackers, and bmods. Since bmods is gone, and i quitted wow. So i guess my addiction will change into FB (facebook) wc3 and then D3 gotta put facebook first always

Well nice to talk to you... all and let's hope we can be friends and play AT in wc3. My account name is also SSSS3.. and i play in east... So come over to east if you guys wants to at sometime Thank you for reading this