Hello, as you can see my account isn't new, I made it back in good ol' 2009. Good times really, I was a 14 years old back then, looking for hacks, being completly obessed with hacking and such. Now 2 years later, I can pretty much go on a random site for hacks that I can't remember being on, try to register and 'toffe32' is taken, so I try to log in and woopdidoo it worked lol, ANYWAY.

My name is Kristoffer, (Christopher) and I live in Sweden, i'll be 16 in June, and hopefully you're aware of that i'm a male now that i've told you my name. A year ago or so I was really in to Visual Basic, C++, etc. I made some fake programs which would give you Steam Games that needed the downloaders to type in their Username and Password. The downloaders would select their games, then press Hack, a loading screen would appear and I would get an email with all the info. I always wanted to learn how to make Counter Strike / Counter Strike Source hack but I don't really have the time for that at the moment.

Don't really know what more to tell you. I play football (soccer) and handball. Umm, I also don't know if you like or dislike scamming, but either way i'm not really a scammer. People who fall for "Free Games" really should learn it the hard way though. Anyway, i'm done lol.

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Also I noticed compared to others this was kind of a long Hello.