Hey guys I would like to start off by saying hello, and by asking a question in hope for an answer.

in 2008, I downloaded a material wall hack from Rapidshare.com. The website looks very different now and I cant find it. The hack came in 3 or 4 parts. I say 3 or 4 files because I'm not sure if it was 3 or 4. I recently tried replacing my material files in cstrike with them like I had done times before but this time it prompted me for a part 4. I was sure that I had saved all of the files. I have part 1-3. The files are called "css ultimate material.part01.rar", "css ultimate material.part02.rar", and "css ultimate material.part03.rar". I am aware that there are other material wallhacks out, but this one was virtually flawless. HELP ME FIND IT!