HEy all if you dont know me i dont blame u but i did alot of work redoing all the resolutions on the starcraft 2 portait unlocker. i want to ask a favor that benefits me but also all of you

Anyone that would please do me a favor. There is an app on apple app store, it is free, and its called Checkpoints.

it works by you the user checking into areas and gaining credits, you can also scan products while in stores for free credits. use the credits u earn to buy awesome prizes like ipods and ipads. LIKE I SAID THIS IS TOTALLY FREE if you would please download it and try it out.

USE PROMO CODE >>>>>> Solarsoul

this will give me 150 free points and give who ever uses it 300 free points so please just download it go to setting in bottom right hand corner and use that promo code when signing up. Again its free, im trying to save up enough points to get my fiancee an Ipod touch for her birthday and it would be much appreciated. even if you dont use the app just sign up use my code and delete it please.


CheckPoints for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store