Hello everyone, I'm Vashnik and I'm new here. I came across this forum in a Google Search trying to deprotect a Warcraft 3 Expansion map. I consider myself a tinkerer, I like to edit other maps and see how they work, look at source code to see how the author coded their program, etc.

I love programming in Visual C# to make Windows applications. I have my own site where I deploy working PHP files and a private web server where I experiment with PHP files.
I recently took an interest in Graphic Design using a program called Paint.NET.
Most of all, I like playing games, mostly variations of Role Playing Games like Action Role Play and Turn Based Role Play. I also love strategy games.
I would rate my Windows expertise as intermediate. I know enough about it to help friends and family, but I'm certainly not master at it and sometimes ask the more experienced if I can't figure a problem with Windows out.

Questions? (I may or may not answer a question if I deem it inappropriate or too personal)