Hello, my name is Austin P. I am a 22, a private server owner and going into the Navy as security forces in the SEALS program soon. Just wanted to drop by and say hello as seeing that i am a new member! Most of my time during the day was spent developing my private server whit my close friends helping to make the server near bug-less. Now, Eternum, as we called it is pretty good. I also love cars, and guns. I restore classic's and own a 1969 mustang grande GT, which is my favorite, and a 1967 Shelby GT500 after getting a good deal on a chassis with just wheels. the 69' Grande is currently being painted, just as the 67' still sits in rust slowly being worked on when i get some spare money to do so. Slow and steady wins the race hey? I live in The United States, in North Carolina. I know, you sure are sorry for me, haha! Thanks hope you enjoyed