I hope to pruchase a disk image software for migrating my disks Is there any advice for me? I know about lots of these disk tool Like Backup4all and Uranium Backup And I notice a software called PC DISK CLONE X from them It's a programe of PC DISK TOOLS After checking some information on magazine, I am more interested in the PC DISK TOOLS corporation
pcdisktools com came into existence in 2006 It deals in the programes empoldered by itself The functions of the whole disk tool area is almost included by the products made by PC DISK TOOLS Such as backup from disk to disk, disk to image and restore partition from image There is something more about pcdisktools com]boot disk at pcdisktools com/pcnetworkclone htm
If someone has the experience to buy such kinds of softwares or any ideas for me, leave me a reply here I would wait for the reply

Thank you