Hey guys, I've not properly introduced myself so i intend to do so now. The names Brandon, or lobstar as I'm known on the inter webs. Since this is a gamers forum lets talk about that. First off I'm an intense gamer and yes, If i lose I am mad bro, I take every game serious and to the fullest. I enjoy pretty much any type of game. I know a lot of people like FPS games such as BF or COD but you know, its just the same crap just new modules, new guns, new maps, etc, it just simply doesn't entertain me so overall I'd have to say FPS games are a turn-off for me. My favorite game would probably have to be DotA, I realize its a bit outdated compared to HoN or LoL but without DotA neither of those games would of been possible here today, So i think DotA really set the standards for those type of stimulated RTS games such as.

Well thats about all I have to say if you wish to know anything else you could ask me yourself, hope to see you around.