Hello, well i'd like to introduce myself to you guys i play under LordZeus @USWEST Wc3 been playing wc3 for about a good 8 years im here to get a audience to test projects of mine such as maps,bots im working on a bot called Optimus Bot 1.0b i can't predict how soon i'll release it but here a bit about.
- Supports Windows XP|7|Vista
- Comes With 50 Encryted Keys [Opitinal To Use May Use Your Own].
- Connects With Proxy [Will Be Provided Through Every Update I'd Suggest Getting Your Own].
- Full Chat Capabilites.
- Plugins,Scripts.
- Only Supports WAR3 as of now.
I need tips for some commands you guys might want,if you have any questions "PM" me or well post in this thread.