Hey guys,

my nickname is Overlord and my real name is Niklas. Im 21 years old and im from europe. Im very happy to be here. I found your board and community about a good friend of mine.

In my freetime i own a World of Warcraft Freeshard Server. It names Orders-of-Frostmourne.com and i hope u like it. The Source is fully self created and based on trinity. Our Orders-of-Frostmourne project owns a Blizzlike-Highrate Realm with blizz encounters like arthas, gunship battle and some other specials. Now, enough from my project. :-)

I also own skills in some programming knowledges like c++, c+, java and some web development languages like php, javaskript, html and some other.

I hope we will have fun together and im ready to help where i can.