Hello everyone! I've been gaming since the days of WarCraft and SC1, I just wanted to say props to everyone that's making useful tools these days! Since I had nothing but free time when I was growing up, it was easy to game, but when I got older, I had to put it on hold. College and graduate school did not allow much time for anything other than partying and studying, and then the working world + marriage + pets offered even less. I've only recently started gaming again, and I'd been getting my ass reamed by people that had a lot more free time than me. Since getting the ValiantChaos tool, I'm about as good as I used to be, and I'm able to play and maintain other tasks at the same time without getting reamed constantly before I return to the match from a more important real-life issue. Anything that can allow me to still game while at the same time take on the new responsibilities of growing up is awesome! ValiantChaos's tool that lets me auto-start the game, auto make workers, and auto group my buildings is a real FUNsaver! Having to alt-tab or leave the room for minutes at a time, is so much less a problem now than it was, and I am totally grateful.

I hope everyone has a great day, and I'm glad to get acquainted with you all! Thanks!

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