Just saying hi. But I was also wondering if I can get help on something as it was the main reason I registered on the forums.

So, I'm trying to get a blizzlike WoW private server going (not public), and I downloaded the full 1.12.1 client with patches included. These were the guys instructions:

World of Warcraft 1.12.1 Full Client + Patches

This is the old full version of World of Warcraft,
includes classic enGB installation files and patches up to 1.12.1.

Install Instructions:

1. Unzip all the .rar files into the SAME fold

2. double-click Installer.exe, and the installation begin.

3. When the installation is complete, move the patches into the installation folder.

4. Double-click wow-1.12.0-engb-patch.exe and let it finish, then Double-click wow-1.12.0-to-1.12.1-engb.exe and let that one to finish.

5. Change the realmlist file to the right IP, and you're done!

I did step one, but step two is where the confusion began. I already have the REAL current WoW installed to my computer, and somehow when I click on the installer (that was included from the 1.12.1 folder) it will launch and automatically has the options of Play world of Warcraft, View the Readme, View the Manual, Customer Support, and Exit Installer. When I click on play world of warcraft, it launches my 4.3.3 launcher...

So I'm just very confused here, I mean, am I not able to have a Classic wow Server AND the real WoW on their own without interacting with eachother?