Hello all.

I'm Morpheus, I figured I would go ahead and post an intro for myself. I'm an administrator at ParadoxWoW. I currently own said server, but I am not the host. I just pay the bills and run the site. I'm also the developer for that server. I'm only an amateur programmer, but I've been able to get the job done so far.

I started out programming by watching a few youtube videos on C posted by thenewboston. I moved on (down) to programming calculators. Now, I'm in college taking C++ classes. I've had 2 semesters of introductory classes. Currently, I'm not a Comp Sci major, but a Chemistry major. I'm looking to change majors shortly as I've discovered that Chemistry isn't my thing so much as programming is. Tomorrow (May 3rd) is my last day of my freshman year.

Outside of school, I've been with Paradox since July, when it was still MassChaos. I've worked my way up moderator in October/November and when our previous host quit on us in January, made it to Admin. Had a small issue with a former administrator, who at the time owned the site, at the beginning of March. Now I own the site. As such, I've been quickly learning php. Google is a wonderful tool when it comes to learning php.

Outside of WoW, I normally play Xbox or watch TV all day. I'm an Eagle Scout in the boy scouts. I love camping, but I never really have a chance to go very often.

Aight, I've probably said too much already, so long story short: hai